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What is the "outdoor +"? Simple summary is that in further strengthening the advantages of outdoor sports at the same time, deep plowing more cross-border and integration, build "sports lifestyle." In the outdoor movement of the gene, tourism has always been considered an indispensable plus.

We have the honor to interview the Swiss National Tourism Administration of China Business Development Manager Ms. Gao Liying, with its innovative ideas, a unique perspective on the "outdoor + sports tourism" industry market development analysis and outlook. Let us listen to the experience sharing from sports travel developed countries - Switzerland.

Q: What kind of country is it for us simply to describe what is the place in Switzerland? What is the place here for visitors?

Switzerland is the hometown of the Alps, is a paradise for outdoor and skiing. Throughout the year, outdoor enthusiasts can find their own hot spots in Switzerland.

Q: What are the trends in Chinese tourists going to Switzerland in recent years? What are the marketing strategies for Swiss tourists to deal with Chinese tourists?

The number of Chinese tourists traveling to Switzerland in the past two years has had a significant increase of more than 20%. Swiss National Tourism Administration in 14 years to start the Chinese ski coach training program has become more mature. In the major ski resorts in Switzerland, you can book a Chinese ski instructor. 2015/16 snow season, "Swiss ski information" micro-signal from December to April, for the Chinese skiers in a timely manner. In 2016, more convenient booking and Chinese services will further enhance the experience of Chinese skiing visitors.

Q: What are the proportions of the number of Chinese visitors in winter and summer today? What measures does the MGTO do to ease this embarrassment?

Swiss summer Chinese tourists over the past 10 years are blown up. At present, the Chinese tourists, especially travel agencies to undertake a large team, the summer will still be the bulk of travel. But more free exercise, boutique small group, reward group, theme group and other niche market, for the Swiss winter bring new hope. We are also happy to provide the greatest support and convenience for this change.

Q: In Switzerland, in addition to skiing, what are the popular outdoor sports, you think it can be in the Chinese outdoor sports groups for it?

Hiking and cycling, has been two important tourism products for Swiss outdoor.

Walking is easier to get approval from the mass market. We are also interested in tourism companies and explore the development of hiking trails, those famous hiking routes introduced to the tourists interested in hiking.

Bicycles are relatively small market, but also because of their own thousands of different road mountain downhill and other different groups and products. On this side, we are also trying to open up new brands such as club brand cooperation, in the conventional tourism industry to attract a smaller public riding enthusiasts.

Q: Beijing Olympic Games bid success, there will be more people fall in love with snow or ice sports, the Swiss Tourism Bureau will take advantage of the Dongfeng what new promotion initiatives?

Swiss National Tourism Administration's strategy before 2022 will keep up with the theme of the skiing and winter Olympics. We will work closely with the Swiss Ski Association, the Ski School Alliance and other relevant agencies, through the enthusiasm of the whole winter Olympic Games, the Swiss winter tourism all show to the Chinese tourists.

Q: How does the Swiss Tourist Board look at the "sports tourism" business, what role does the Swiss Tourist Board take in the sports industry?

In tourism transboundary genes, exercise has always been the most important plus.

Before the Chinese market is interested in this area, Switzerland has long been a pioneer in the sports tourism industry. Many of the outdoor lines, brands, activities and other industries, the Swiss outdoor sports paradise will be successful. We hope that China's industry pioneer and business, see the Swiss outdoor attraction, and we will be the Swiss sports tourism development to the Chinese enthusiasts.

Q: current or future for sports tourism this one market, the Swiss Tourism Board how to plan?

Summer outdoors, winter skiing, city culture and art, is the development strategy of Swiss tourism. We will continue to segment the crowd, the different needs of the crowd needs the information and information mining, successful guidance.

Q: As a traditional tourism bureau, in the sports tourism business, encountered industry barriers which?

Traditional tourism industry practitioners, in the sports tourism proposition, the lack of basic knowledge, the lack of attractive products, but also the lack of brand appeal.

Switzerland's sports travel service providers, the scale is relatively small, more dispersed.

How to Switzerland's small and fine sports tourism providers to China's demand for sports travel service providers, build bridges, is facing the test.
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