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"Healthy China" calls for the active

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In June 2016, the State Council issued the "National Fitness Program (2016-2020)", for the thirteen five period of China's national fitness work specified the direction of development. In fact, in October 2014 the State Council issued No. 46, the national fitness has risen to a national strategy, the healthy development of our people have an important impact.

Only from the literal understanding, national fitness is both a noun (concept), but also a verb (participation). In a broader sense, we need to profoundly comprehend the views of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Health and Health Conference: to advocate a healthy and civilized way of life, to establish the concept of health and health, to change the treatment as the center To the people's health as the center, establish and improve the health education system to enhance the health of the people, to promote the national fitness and national health depth integration.

So, how to interpret the big health, health under the concept of fitness and consumption in the new stage of sports industry development status? That is, the sporting goods manufacturers how to identify the product development direction and leveraging the national fitness consumption Market?

Each person's physical condition is different, the demand for scientific fitness is not the same, but most people are not fitness experts. The physical test as a scientific and fitness front-end work, you can let everyone in front of the scientific fitness to understand their own situation. At present, many enterprises have developed physical testing products and promote their product advantages. It can be said that the existing technology has been able to follow the physical test results out of personalized exercise prescription, but the scientific fitness needs fitness experts (coaches) guidance, with the necessary fitness supplies and even nutritious food. As for fitness effects, can be tested through regular physical testing, and thus constitute a national fitness service supply chain, sporting goods manufacturers need to find in this supply chain to add value to the link.

Only in terms of scientific fitness, and related products have been related to information products (hardware or application systems), wearable products, fitness equipment, clothing, food and so on. These tangible products exist between the "cross-border" features, it is difficult by a (or even a certain type) manufacturers to meet all the needs of users. This requires the relevant manufacturers continue to focus on the fitness market hot spots, identify the upstream and downstream enterprises, jointly build a scientific and effective product value chain.

National fitness consumption is an important part of the realization of sports output, and will become a new growth point of national economy. The key to promoting national health is to activate the national fitness market, and make the two deep integration. Therefore, the sporting goods manufacturers should increase the national fitness product market research, to identify the product supply and consumption needs of different characteristics, grasp the future market hot direction.

Our national fitness research team learned through the investigation, if the medical insurance card payment function can be seen from the doctor to spread to fitness consumption, then the attitude of the respondents are mostly positive, that is willing to pay for the scientific fitness. The problem is that fitness consumption is different from ordinary shopping. Usually buy things, we can choose their favorite goods. Although we emphasize to eat healthy food, choose a healthy lifestyle, but after all, eat will lead to obesity but will not "eat" dead. Fitness is different, if only because of a sport like to put them, probably because the sport is not suitable for some people's physical, the results of a negative effect on health, such as some people because of marathon sudden death. From the perspective of fitness, need to understand what is scientific fitness; and from sporting goods manufacturers, to provide products to meet consumer demand, is the occupation of the market and an effective way to obtain profits. In the long run, suppliers need to adopt professional data collection, collation, analysis to find the right market segments to meet the needs of different groups of users.

In the sports industry next 5 trillion market share, the national fitness consumption will become one of the most important and active plate. As mentioned earlier, the current fitness consumer market, and no obvious market segmentation, product differentiation is not significant, so the money effect is not obvious. This may be related to our lack of effective data. Of course, many companies try to collect a variety of customer (or potential customers) of the data, such as through the membership to attract customers to join, fill in some forms into the computer system, as if there is a basis for analysis.

But these are far from enough. Most of the sporting goods are tangible, and fitness consumption data mostly exist in an invisible way, and these data are usually derived from the fitness and closely related places, such as fitness places, sporting goods store and even shop. But the ideal state of the future is able to combine some of the data with banks and insurance, through the large data mining technology, the data in accordance with the time series, and even coupled with artificial intelligence technology analysis, and ultimately the formation of a more scientific and reasonable market segments. Of course, sporting goods companies can consider working with sports consulting companies to jointly expand the fitness market this piece of cake, contribute to the construction of healthy China.
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