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How to make consumers feel like a friend?

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The rise of social media, changing people's way of life, but also to the enterprise marketing has brought new channels and new opportunities. Social media has brought disruptive changes to our lives, to meet this trend, those who have the effort of the marketers who stopped the innovative practice, and constantly try and explore the consumer easy to buy the marketing method. Here are some of the successful experiences of social media marketing for sports brands and sporting goods retailers.

As we all know, social media marketing cost is low, can be targeted to target customers, information to communicate more timely, close contact with users, advertising more intuitive, more extensive spread and higher return on investment. Christian Folk, a marketing manager who specializes in outdoor research, has ten years of experience in social media marketing, and he believes that social media has grown dramatically in the role of social media in marketing. In the past, social media was used as a communication tool for story marketing to improve the effectiveness of content marketing; now, social media has become a huge advertising platform, according to a 26 countries in the world about 50,000 people involved in the survey, social The media has gone beyond television and has become the main source of news for young people. Christian Folk says advertisers have found new value in social media advertising, while traditional digital media ads have been declining like paper media ads six or seven years ago.

Tess Roering, director of marketing at CorePower Yoga, explains the great impact of social media with the success of Kayla Itsines. Kayla Itsines is a 24-year-old Australian girl, fitness enthusiasts, 2.3 million fans in Instagram. However, and some other rely on self-tapping to win the eye of the fitness bloggers, she mainly with fans to share fitness methods, recipes, sports tips, but also send some inspiring words, through the online release of some practical health guidance. She founded the company The Bikini Body Training Company, leading a healthy lifestyle, the establishment of a social kingdom.

So, through the above case, how should we do: business and brand social media marketing strategy to keep pace with the times?

First, understand your audience and platform. This helps you to modify the content of the article and determine the timing of the article. The United States well-known fitness club Equinox is very good at discovering and moving target consumers, Equinox's position is high-end, where the monthly fee of up to 300 dollars, Equinox customers are mostly career, age 35 years old group. Equinox social media marketing is the main goal of 25-34 year-old female white-collar workers, the theme is a healthy body can bring self-confidence, its emphasis on customer experience is the basis for the development of the brand, must become the first choice for consumers. Equinox members have an efficient way of life, and attach great importance to health, compared with competitors, Equinox and members of the relationship more closely.

Second, hold the game. You must have heard of the power of the game and the gift. The cleverness of these strategies is that it enhances the engagement of social media platforms because people often like to receive rewards for recognition. For example, you can invite followers to fill out the application form, give your page a word or share their favorite story about your brand, in order to gain the opportunity to win the brand to provide free products or services. Convince & convert company's Jay Bell has listed 13 elements of perfect social media competition. Among them, the gift is a key factor. In addition to games and gifts, you can also use the game to make your audience more active. In fact, you can even use some classic and easy to play games, such as crossword, guess word or scrabble game.

Third, the timely response to consumer social media comments. Encourage consumers to publish social media reviews, respond to a variety of questions in a timely manner, so that consumers are convinced that you must do it. Brand ambassadors, loyal consumers and endorsements of the athletes are helping to increase the social media exposure, it is possible that an athlete's words and deeds will suddenly brand image to a new height. For the favorite brand, consumers are happy to share, and the timely response of the brand will improve consumer loyalty.

Fourth, to improve the participation of consumers. In 2016, consumer and brand interaction marketing more and more cases. In 2017, the brand will adopt the views of consumers when designing new products. Using social media platforms, consumers have the right to vote in product design. More and more sports and leisure brands will use this way of social cooperation research and development of new products, the introduction of limited edition products.

Fifth, the first to try new products. New models, color matching and listing date will attract attention, the brand using social media makes loyal consumers have the opportunity to buy new products, which is the return of loyal consumers.

Sixth, "positioning sinking". Brand needs to dig deep into the social media marketing evaluation indicators, "positioning sink" means that a brand with 2,000 loyal fans than a brand with a total of 10,000 fans of the market influence more, so in the social media "positioning sink "Is a very good way of marketing. Brand subscription customer mail list can not be very large, but must track the mail read rate and unsubscribe reasons. At the same time, in the store, the brand to statistics how many customers because the social media before entering the store shopping.

Seventh, let the consumer feel like a friend. In the past, we added friends and people on social media; now, people are increasingly adding brands and retailers. The purpose of the brand is to let consumers think that the brand is their friend.
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