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A snow and ice fashion show

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December 3, 2016, a sign of the opening season of the fashion ceremony ceremony - the seventh ski fashion conference and Nanshan fifteenth anniversary celebration in Beijing Miyun Nanshan Ski Resort was held. Ski fashion conference in the accumulation of rich experience and constant innovation, advocated in the beginning of the snow season on the skiing fashion guide, the Chinese ski industry and fashion industry perfect fusion, leading ski fashion trend, become China's ski industry a new milestone. At the same time, Nanshan Ski Resort is also celebrated in the celebrities fifteen anniversary.

The development of ice and snow in Beijing has always been paid much attention by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, kind and kind leadership. Mr. Li Xiaoming, deputy director of the Beijing Winter Sports Management Center, visited the site and delivered a speech. I hope Nanshan Ski Resort would not live in the city Of the enthusiasm for the Beijing Municipality, Miyun District to contribute to the development of ice and snow.

Miyun District Sports Secretary Mr. Zhang Chengwu said, Miyun District Nanshan Ski Resort in the past 15 years for the public to create a good place for winter sports and leisure, Miyun District is located in the northeast of Beijing, has a unique snow and ice resources, Nanshan Ski resort as Miyun winter snow and ice industry leading enterprises for our region to make a great contribution to economic construction, but also to promote the development of a number of neighboring industries.

After the event, the snowman went through the "ski resort", the snowboarding T station, the interpretation of Pathfinder, Jeep, REIMA, bollé and other brands of ski clothing, enjoy blooming self , To skier unique charm style, interpretation of skiing lifestyle, for the opening of the Beijing snow season dedication of a wonderful opening show. Tan Yongting (Giorgio) as a tourism, fashion and entertainment of the new generation of host, featuring the guests of the conference host, Mr. Tang Bo Chen and Ms. Shiyue Tong with ultra-high value and unique temperament to win 2016 Nanshan snow supermodel, Ms. Du Wei With the extraordinary temperament to get Pathfinder brand star award.

The Ampel Highland Ski Resort offers a five-day skiing and accommodation award for this year's men's and women's snow supermodel. Welcome to the most popular ski resorts in northeastern Japan, with a total of 45.1 km , The size of a single resort for Japan's first, every year in early December to early May during the period can enjoy the fun of skiing.

For ski enthusiasts, ski accessories is not just a piece of clothing or protective gear, but also highlights a fashion culture. (Jeep Xtreme Performance) adhering to the Jeep brand value and philosophy, for the adventurous, the advent of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, To challenge the outdoor enthusiasts to provide high-performance outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment; Nordic leading high-end functional children's clothing brand Reima to cost-effective, excellent performance, safe and reliable quality, vibrant colors, Details of the design is known, by the Nordic parents and children's favorite. Originated in France bollé, for sports enthusiasts to provide high-quality sunglasses and goggles; this Mai Lang "a dish side" innovation introduced FD freeze-drying technology, the fried dishes made into a package, is the necessary travel abroad Hometown taste!

After the 15th anniversary of the Nanshan Ski Resort, has been adhering to the pursuit of excellence, innovative ideas, and actively prepared to meet the arrival of the Winter Olympics, in response to the national 300 million people on the ice and snow calls, every summer, hard work, Accumulate, with a new look to meet the arrival of snow friends.

In order to vigorously promote the "millions of young people on the ice and snow" activities, under the leadership of Chairman Lu Jian, under the leadership of Lu Jian, chairman of the board of directors, , The establishment of youth flag gate training venues; at the same time, hand in hand to create a way Pathfinder Nanshan coffee bar for snow friends to bring a better experience; ski school set up a hierarchical teaching innovative teaching model; continuation of fifteen years of tradition , This year to continue to hold a number of large-scale skiing activities, will not set the threshold for the promotion of national fitness building blocks. At the same time, our Nanshan website, WeChat public platform application is also a new revision, usher in the Internet + skiing era.

It is reported that once a year flagship "fashion culture" and "entertainment interactive" ski fashion release, is a unique and unique snow T show. At the same time, Beijing Miyun Nanshan Ski Resort on November 24, the first to usher in the new snow season, welcome you to come, to open this winter smooth mode.
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