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What is the Chinese sporting goods market ?

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February 27, China Sporting Goods Industry Federation Secretary-General Roger, Deputy Secretary-General Wen Jia and his party arrived in Tokyo, Japan 4, opened the third day of the Korean-Japanese series of visits - visit the Japan Sporting Goods Industry Association ( JASPO), and with the Japanese Fortunately, the United States to renew the "China International Sporting Goods Fair Japan agent agreement." This trip not only for the Sino-Japanese sporting goods industry friendly exchanges and interaction to build a bridge, more body to further enhance the influence of the Japanese, to attract Japanese customers and buyers, laid the foundation.

On the morning of the 27th, Roger and his party on behalf of the China Sporting Goods Industry Association and the Japan Sporting Goods Industry Association, Mr. Kumamoto Changhong and consultant Mr. Miyako Kwan Fu meet. At the meeting, the two sides first introduced the main work of their respective associations, and focus on the characteristics of the two sports market information sharing, and strive for the association members to create more opportunities for business members. As the current aging of the Japanese society is becoming increasingly serious, the local sports associations at all levels are very interested in the development of the sports industry for the elderly. Therefore, the small and medium-sized Japanese high-tech sports products business, China's huge sports market has a small development potential and attractiveness. After the meeting, representatives of the Federation also invited the Japan Sporting Goods Industry Association, Mr. Kumamoto Changhong, to participate in this year's Shanghai held in 2017 Fair.

The other trip to Japan is another important trip, is the continuation of the Expo in Japan, the agency agreement. On the morning of the 27th, Roger and his party also in Tokyo, Japan and Japan Fortunately, the United States Co., Ltd., renewed a new annual body Expo in Japan, the agency agreement. At the signing ceremony, the two sides discussed and determined the future of the Expo in Japan in the promotion program, and the recruitment of Japanese exhibitors and high-quality buyers of the program. Roger at the meeting on the Fortunately, the United States made a new cooperation requirements, Fortunately, the United States Co., Ltd., said the relevant person in charge, will persevere, go all out to assist the body Expo, with the Japanese market more than 170 sports-related enterprises to maintain Contact, and continue to develop new categories and new brands, for the Sino-Japanese sports products between the two enterprises to build interactive bridge. The renewal, not only means that the body will continue to recruit foreign companies in Japan and buyers, follow-up will continue to promote high-quality Chinese sports products to the Japanese sporting goods market.

On the afternoon of the 27th, Roger and his party also went to the Japan Economic Daily Group, with the Japan Economic Daily Group PR department director Mori Fung and Minister Iijima Hiroshi had a friendly and friendly exchanges, which is the first time with the Federation of the Japanese media contact. As Japan's largest and most authoritative financial reporting agencies, Japan Economic Daily Group and the Federation of contacts, will greatly enhance the body in Japan's visibility, and for the Association member companies to create more in the Japanese market development Channel opportunities.
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