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Sporting goods called real-time marketing

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Social media as an important platform for network information search, sharing and exchange, more and more widely penetrate into all aspects of social life, causing great changes in information dissemination. According to the "2016 Digital Report" published by We Are Social, the number of global social media users has reached 2.31 billion, equivalent to 31% of the global population, with an annual growth rate of 10%. The mobile social media users are 1.97 billion, accounting for the global population Of the 27% annual growth of 17%. In China, active social media users have reached 653 million, accounting for 47% of the population, annual growth of 4%; of which mobile social media users 577 million, accounting for 42%, annual growth of 14%.

The sports world has been particularly influenced by social media. Taking last year's Rio Olympic Games as an example, a total of 227 million users have made 1.5 billion interactions on Facebook; Twitter has generated 187 million Olympic news, Times. In the microblogging, the Chinese women's volleyball team to win the day after the opening of the Olympic Games interactive and video playback volume of the peak, the Olympic-related content of the discussion as much as 74.62 million, 110 million interactive, video playback 620 million times.

The development and popularization of social media to the sporting goods business marketing has brought new opportunities and challenges, more and more brands to join the social media marketing battlefield.

Focus on hot events, in the social platform to start a variety of topics of real-time marketing, is the major sporting goods brand using social media the most important way. Take the Rio Olympic Games as an example, regardless of Anta's "to break", Nike's "unbelieving limit", or 361 ° "love with the love of love", are taking full advantage of the social media participation, interactive, The characteristics of the hot content through the timely processing of the event, the core of its brand information. Hot pursuit of the event handling the pursuit of the ultimate timeliness, which is behind the marketing team a lot of preparation and rapid response capability. On the other hand, the core of social media marketing is the interaction of the audience, participation and sharing, the content can trigger the emotional resonance of the audience is the key to the success of marketing.

Through the social marketing of real-time marketing, many sporting goods brand to the traditional channels with lower cost, access to greater attention and dissemination of results. However, the social media marketing potential is not only this, it may also help these brands and customers to establish long-term, valuable relationship.

Prof. Leonard L. Berry, of the University of Texas at A & M in Texas, first proposed the concept of relational marketing, which is "business and customers, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders or organizations to establish long-term, stable, Reciprocal activity (process) ". Compared with the past, only pay attention to attract new customers, to achieve a transaction of "transaction marketing" compared to the "relationship marketing" pay more attention to retain customers, and customers to establish long-term stable relationship, in this relationship, the consumer groups because of the sense of belonging To meet and expand the frequency of consumption, so it is a win-win strategy for business and customers.

Social media powerful communication, interaction, data and expansion capabilities for the brand relationship marketing process provides a new opportunity. Especially for the sporting goods brand, the social media has profoundly changed its audience participation, viewing and sharing of sports, and become its sponsor (including sports events, organizations and athletes, etc.) one of the most important channels of communication. In addition, the direct, efficient and economical nature of social media may be particularly important for developing and managing customer relationships for small and medium-sized brands that are relatively poor in resources.

Glulos, a famous Finnish marketing scientist, argues that the three aspects are critical to the successful implementation of relational marketing: the process of value as a starting point and result of relationship marketing; the process of interaction as a core of relationship marketing; and support for the establishment and development of relationships process.

The core elements of social media into these three processes, constitute the brand's social media strategy framework:

First, the channel, through the selection and integration, give full play to the various forms of social media and the role of various aspects of communication;

Second, content, through the creation and use of exciting, able to resonate with the digital content, continuous monitoring and two-way dialogue, to achieve direct and deep communication between consumers and brand protection;

Third, interactive, through the design and management of social media on the interactive process, as well as online and offline activities, so that consumers perceive the value of the relationship between the effective contact with the consumer;

Four is the database, through the excavation and analysis of communication, interactive process generated by a large number of user data, accurate breakdown of the target market, customer relationship management and push tailored product and service information;

Fifth, the application of expansion, relying on social networking platform, the development of new product forms (applications and virtual games), trading channels and market space, to achieve new revenue streams.
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