Industry information
Industry information
  • Skiing Charm

    2017-04-25Skiing Charm

      Ski in the number, has been in the extended. The Winter Olympics several dozen were dazzling gold inspire people to fight hard, to share. Skiing is for entertainment, construction objective, is co...[see details]

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  • Daily maintenance of bicycle helmets coup

    2017-04-25Daily maintenance of bicycle helmets coup

      Most people think that new bike helmet very bright, but over a period of time gloss than ever before, EPS edge holes even inner shell, some helmets also sweat smell is relatively large, it is not ...[see details]

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  • Ice hockey

    2017-04-25Ice hockey

      Also known as the \"Calvin ball\" or \"bandy\". One of the sports items. Collective antagonism ball game players with hockey racket on the ice.   The competition rink is 110 meters long, 65 meters w...[see details]

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  • Sporting goods industry next outlet: large data

    2017-04-25Sporting goods industry next outlet: large data

    The future direction of fitness data is to improve the technology, to collect more data or to strengthen the data analysis. Fitness and health data is a service feature that embodies the value of a co...[see details]

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  • 2017-04-25"Cake" bigger and bigger the Chinese sports industry

    Recently, 2016 national sports industry base assessment results were officially announced. 11 national sports industry demonstration base, 22 national sports industry demonstration units and 12 nati...[see details]

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  • 2017-04-25"China's ski industry in 2016 white paper"

    \"China\'s ski industry in 2016 white paper\" released in Beijing In February this year, held in the Asia-Pacific snow industry forum, Vanke Group ice and snow division chief strategy officer Wu Bin r...[see details]

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