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"China's ski industry in 2016 white paper"

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"China's ski industry in 2016 white paper" released in Beijing

In February this year, held in the Asia-Pacific snow industry forum, Vanke Group ice and snow division chief strategy officer Wu Bin released the "2016 China Ski Industry White Paper." According to statistics, in 2016 China's skiing reached 15.1 million, the total ski population of 11.33 million people. Ski resort construction speed unabated, the annual increase in 78, a total of 646, aerial ropeway, magic blanket, snow machine, snow car, leasing double board still maintain a high growth rate, which for beginners to use Of the highest growth rate of magic blanket, another commonly used in the primary road to enhance the equipment dragged drag growth stagnation.
Compared with 2015, 2016 new ski resort 78, a growth rate of 13.7%. Among them, the north and northwest areas of the new snow, the northeast region slow growth but still maintain a leading position. According to the white paper statistics, 2016 indoor ski museum added three, a total of 12; "sharp front" dry snow field added four, a total of 18; 2016 domestic total of 25 ski simulation equipment put into use.

In 2016, the total number of skiing was 15.1 million, the ski population was 11.33 million, the average per capita skiing was 1.33 times, and the number of skiing was 1.30 times per year in 2015, 1.27 per person in 2014. The data show that the proportion of skiing enthusiasts is growing steadily as the total skiing population increases.

Equipment retail sales growth board growth rate higher than the double board

Although the snowboard double board rental volume increased by 38.57%, but the double-board retail market (based on nine major international brands to provide data finishing) growth rate is only 9.18%, 2016 total retail sales of 14,500 sets. Compared with the double board, veneer retail sales have more rapid increase. According to statistics, 2016 single-board retail sales (based on the three major international brands to provide data finishing) for 10,800 sets, an increase of 21.34%.

Mobile Internet Data First White Paper Big Data Draw Skier Features

The 2016 White Paper for the first time introduced GOSKI, Sliding, Skiing, skiing, mobile platform data for a clearer understanding of skiers. White paper, GOSKI, skiing tripartite statistics show that Beijing is the largest ski market. According to the white paper statistics, the number of skiing in Beijing was 1.71 million, the first in the country; GOSKI domestic users in 30.37% of Beijing users, the first for the country; ski home source has 33.67% of Beijing users, the first in the country.

Slip chanting data show that a total of 481 registered ski clubs, the number of registered users of the club 38021 people, an average of 79 people per club, the club per capita skiing mileage of 13 km. The total number of sports data users is 179632, of which 53271 people use the ski trajectory function, the total ski trajectory of 1188729 km.

Japan is the largest skiing market for Chinese ski enthusiasts, with 48% traveling to Japan skiing, followed by Europe (23%) and North America (19%).
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