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Sporting goods industry next outlet: large data

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The future direction of fitness data is to improve the technology, to collect more data or to strengthen the data analysis. Fitness and health data is a service feature that embodies the value of a company. However, we can not just blindly collect the number of running, sleeping time and eating time and other data. "Consumers are tired of too much data, and this is the reason why a lot of wearable equipment is not being used," says Leeds Dickinson, founder of Mio Global, a maker of smart heart rate bracelets. "Companies with data lacks trustworthy data Analysis services, consumers are a variety of unknown data statistics plagued, and ultimately lost interest.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Nike, Andaman and other famous sports brands and Apple, IBM and other technology companies to establish partnerships, sports brands began to outsource data innovation business.

The American Sports and Fitness Industry Association has established a partnership with the American Consumer Technology Association, and John Peters, director of sales and membership services at the American Sports and Fitness Industry Association, said: "Consumers are looking for equipment and calculating calorie equipment very much Interested in the field of competitive sports and the runner-up gap is a few milliseconds or a few millimeters, data analysis and feedback is very important. "Pitts predicts that smart clothing, sports technology accelerators, youth sports technology and electronic games will be the market development The main driving force.

Data analysis company Exist founder Josh Shap said: "a large number of data to help find the law.The whole industry is still in the experimental stage, tracking technology to be further improved.Each technology companies and sports brands should be committed to data analysis services Personalized, operational and standardized. "
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