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Ice hockey

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  Also known as the "Calvin ball" or "bandy". One of the sports items. Collective antagonism ball game players with hockey racket on the ice.
  The competition rink is 110 meters long, 65 meters wide, two ends are respectively arranged in the middle of the goal frame of a 210 cm high, 360 cm wide, post and the cross beam are made of 12 cm x 12 cm square. Wooden racket, 120 cm long, 6 cm wide, base arc, weight 450 grams. In multi thread woven ball, circular, diameter 6 cm, weight 60 grams.
When the match, each 11 appearances. The goalkeeper 1 people, athletes foot skate shoes, wearing protective sportswear, holding the racket, competing to shoot the ball the other person goal. Each hit a ball to the end of 1 points, scored for the winning team. Game 90 minutes, divided into two half, 10 minute break in the middle, the game may at any time.
The earliest popular in Holland. The middle of the nineteenth Century, the rapid rise in the UK and Norway, Sweden and other Nordic countries. At the end of nineteenth Century Russia to formulate their own rules and style of play, known as the "Russian ice hockey". In 1901 Sweden held the first bandy bandy club competition, was founded in Norway in 1903. In 1902 the establishment of the Russian ice hockey mobile trophy, regularly held in St Petersburg. In 1910, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Russia to create the northern Ice Hockey Federation, because the rules are not unified, the Nordic Bandi and Russian ice hockey formed two major factions. Uniform rules in 1953 two major factions. In 1955 Congress in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Soviet Union and other countries under the initiative, the establishment of the International Ice Hockey Federation, the sport was ice hockey, and formulate a unified rules of the game. In 1957, held the first world ice hockey championship. 1961 held every two years.
  Ice hockey in 1952 have been listed will perform the project for the winter.Company introduction the factory workshop product center.
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