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Daily maintenance of bicycle helmets coup

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  Most people think that new bike helmet very bright, but over a period of time gloss than ever before, EPS edge holes even inner shell, some helmets also sweat smell is relatively large, it is not know how to maintain the helmet caused. Let me tell you some daily helmet care tips.

  The first US helmet shell helmet; keep gloss is a contradictory problem, because the helmet luster is due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun in our daily riding and from the surrounding dust attached to our helmets, causing it to lose its luster. Although we have no way to avoid, but at least we have to think of a way to let the luster lasted a little longer, according to the two main reasons; first, I suggest that you do not go out at noon under the scorching sun, the best choice of morning and afternoon. False integrated helmet not exposure to the sun and rain, or will soon open. There is every time come back with cotton cloth dipped in alcohol (ethanol) or white oil wipe the helmet surface, do not wipe with hard material, it will scratch the helmet shell! Remove the stains and dust helmet surface, the conditions can be above the RBI car wax, so that even more luster. Some riders in the riding accidentally put helmets to the hard things scratched, so we have to fix it, the method is simple, is to use our common toothpaste squeezed in a scratch on the top, then cotton cloth repeatedly rub back and forth, so that you can make the scratch a big small, small change no obvious.

  For the inner shell EPS does not need any maintenance, but time is not constant edge shell where will be bumpy was not so round, for these sunken not deep place, we use the screwdriver rod position slightly to force to pressure the concave convex around the place, also is the the high places down a little and sunk as Ping can. Remember to use the screwdriver rod to select the circle and to move back and forth press, can not stay in one place press! For those sunken deep place, we use daily to smoked mosquitoes mosquito repellent incense, put it, and then use a part of the sunken place to roast, EPS in high temperature will foam, when see a peaceful place sunk as it moved the mosquito repellent incense, if the effect is not the ideal use screwdriver to press, and will be the same.

  The next step is lined with daily cleaning; I suggest you every back to cleaning lining. Don't suddenly vigorously to tear when removing the lining, so very easy to put the magic and lining lining behind the torn down, even immediately re paste up is not so good. Sometimes the lining damaged. Lining can not be disassembled to wash in the washing machine, also cannot use the brush to brush, so easy to make lining deformation to elastic. Only need to soak in a laundry detergent or detergent water for a few minutes, and then hand slightly rub a few, then it is with water drift net, drying can be.
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