• Sporting goods called real-time marketing

    2017-04-29Sporting goods called real-time marketing

    Social media as an important platform for network information search, sharing and exchange, more and more widely penetrate into all aspects of social life, causing great changes in information diss...[see details]

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  • What is the Chinese sporting goods market ?

    2017-04-25What is the Chinese sporting goods market ?

    February 27, China Sporting Goods Industry Federation Secretary-General Roger, Deputy Secretary-General Wen Jia and his party arrived in Tokyo, Japan 4, opened the third day of the Korean-Japanese ...[see details]

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  • Skiing Charm

    2017-04-25Skiing Charm

      Ski in the number, has been in the extended. The Winter Olympics several dozen were dazzling gold inspire people to fight hard, to share. Skiing is for entertainment, construction objective, is co...[see details]

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  • Outdoor training on Oct.23rd~24th

    2017-04-25Outdoor training on Oct.23rd~24th

    In order to agglomerate team manpower,create first class team, U-lucky Co., Ltd, on Dec.23rd~24th in Panyu, proceeded outdoor training. During training, everybody can surmount himself, help each other...[see details]

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  • A snow and ice fashion show

    2017-04-25A snow and ice fashion show

    December 3, 2016, a sign of the opening season of the fashion ceremony ceremony - the seventh ski fashion conference and Nanshan fifteenth anniversary celebration in Beijing Miyun Nanshan Ski Resor...[see details]

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  • How to make consumers feel like a friend?

    2017-04-25How to make consumers feel like a friend?

    The rise of social media, changing people\'s way of life, but also to the enterprise marketing has brought new channels and new opportunities. Social media has brought disruptive changes to our live...[see details]

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