Voller dynamic
Voller dynamic
  • Outdoor training on Oct.23rd~24th

    2017-04-25Outdoor training on Oct.23rd~24th

    In order to agglomerate team manpower,create first class team, U-lucky Co., Ltd, on Dec.23rd~24th in Panyu, proceeded outdoor training. During training, everybody can surmount himself, help each other...[see details]

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  • Big data age sports industry

    2017-04-25Big data age sports industry

    \"Big data\" concept since its inception, quickly become an important reference for the development of traditional industries innovation. A new era of sports products led by SportsDT, together with a ...[see details]

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  • European consumers' views

    2017-04-25European consumers' views

    In mid-February 2017, the German Sporting Goods Fair and the German consulting firm Konzept & Markt jointly released the \"Sports Evolution Report\", the purpose is to specify the development dir...[see details]

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  •  Industry Federation

    2017-04-25 Industry Federation

    April 18, China Federation of Sporting Goods and his party 6, under the leadership of the Secretary-General Roger, to the Chinese capital of clothing and Jinjiang, to participate in the 19th China ...[see details]

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  • Outdoor clothing brand marketing tips are here

    2017-04-25Outdoor clothing brand marketing tips are here

    As we all know, outdoor sports enthusiasts love jewelry. So, how do the outdoor clothing brand seize the pulse of the market and the psychology of the consumer? The most important marketing tool is ...[see details]

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  • The strength of the standard to support the great health

    2017-04-25The strength of the standard to support the great health

    As the benchmark brand of sports activities, 2017 China Sporting Goods Industry Forum is being tense preparations. Recently, the Organizing Committee of the Summit organized a special interview on t...[see details]

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