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The strength of the standard to support the great health

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As the benchmark brand of sports activities, 2017 China Sporting Goods Industry Forum is being tense preparations. Recently, the Organizing Committee of the Summit organized a special interview on the National Standardization Management Committee, which participated in this annual summit. The national standard of the service industry standards Xu Jianjun Director of the recent work on the standardization of sporting goods were introduced. The two sides on the national standard committee in the annual summit to share the contents of the depth of discussion.

Standard optimization of industrial environment, support industry "upgrade"

In the supply side of the reform, improve the quality of the background, the entire sports industry is also self-renewal exchange transfusion. Industry good environment is the core competitiveness of enterprises to enhance the protection. Sports industry, "thirteen five" plan will further optimize the industrial environment as a key development goals, the standard system of scientific improvement is one of the important part. On the sporting goods industry, the first standard is an important means of survival of the fittest, combat shoddy products, in recognition of conscience manufacturing, improve the sporting goods Red Sea bad money to drive out the sub-health status of good money. From the sporting goods industry to the transformation and upgrading of the service industry point of view, standardization also play the role of industrial environment optimization, in the sports industry, "thirteen five" plan, referred to strengthen the amateur sports level and amateur tournament level standards to strengthen the training standards for different sports The development and implementation of the relevant content. In line with the standardization of the development of the thirteen five plans will also mass sports activities, social sports instructor services, intermediary services as a key work. Standardization is like "critics" to guide the public to obtain a better service experience, and promote the healthy development of sports services.

Force the national fitness, public service system standardization escort

National fitness rose to national strategy, all localities to build a public fitness public service system, while the relevant standardization work is quietly follow up. Director Xu said that the standardization of the field of fitness is not only related to the basis of related equipment and services, but also an important support for the national health strategy, with the standard to support the national health strategy. In the new cycle of the National Fitness Program (2016 - 2020), put forward the "national national fitness system for the construction of public service system to guide the standard, to encourage all localities with the actual development of the national fitness system for the construction of local standards to promote national fitness basic public service equalization , The standardization of "the relevant provisions, at the same time in the national standard will also be" public sports facilities safety "," mass sports services "as the standardization of thirteen five construction of the key work. In this year's Summit Forum theme sharing, the national standard committee representatives will also combine this content, on the national fitness facilities center, etc., to share the relevant standardization policies and management practices.

Leveraging the peak forum platform to enhance the standardization of work attention

The development of standards not only rely on the introduction of policies and regulations of the relevant departments, while the industry parties need to actively participate in standard certification, as well as corporate standards, group standards, etc., the need for consumers to understand the standard, in accordance with the standard selection of quality products and services. Sports industry standardization in the community to enhance the awareness of the local authorities in need of assistance to promote publicity, while the national standard committee also hope that the platform through the broad forum to contact the parties concerned, to guide the standardization work of regional authorities to help enterprises to fill the standardization of knowledge Short board. Interview in the Director mentioned that, such as tourism scenic rating, hotel rating and other standard system is a successful example. Hope that the sports industry can also emerge with the same level of standard system, so that enterprises in accordance with the standard self-improvement, so that consumers get a better consumer experience according to standards.

According to the current preparations, the national standard committee will deeply support the theme of this year's Summit Forum to share the link, not only the latest situation of sports standardization and the overall development path of interpretation, but also with other similar industries mature work experience introduced, with the help The forum opportunity to jointly join the parties to accelerate the standardization of sports work.
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