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April 18, China Federation of Sporting Goods and his party 6, under the leadership of the Secretary-General Roger, to the Chinese capital of clothing and Jinjiang, to participate in the 19th China (Jinjiang) International Footwear and the second international sports Industry Expo.

The exhibition is sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Light Industry Federation, China Sporting Goods Industry Association, Jinjiang Municipal People's Government, Jinjiang City International Chamber of Commerce, Jinjiang City Footwear Industry Association. Has been held for 19 consecutive shoe Fair, is the domestic and international sports industry supplies event, is China and the world footwear industry barometer and weathervane. Last year, the shoe Fair for the first time to upgrade to the sports industry exposition, exhibition specifications to further improve this year, China Sporting Goods Industry Association is the first time as one of the organizers of the exhibition, the exhibition of sports industry elements to further highlight this.

The exhibition scale of 60,000 square meters, the establishment of sporting goods, shoe spinning materials, machinery and equipment, and other three exhibition areas, as well as science and technology museum, recruitment museum, brand products, small and medium enterprises footwear hardcover, swimwear, industrial design and outdoor Supplies museum, media display area and Taiwan shoe machine hall. Anta, ONEWAY, Shuhua, Cali, Mori guest, gold apples, hi climbing and other sporting goods brand exhibitors, Haosha, Tianzi, Chau grams and other swimwear enterprises collective appearance swimsuit Museum. The scene can see the customization, intelligence, VR interaction and many other innovative elements.

In the exhibition on the eve of the 2017 China (Jinjiang) Sports Industry Forum and China's "Internet + shoe industry" platform to promote the start of the General Assembly, Roger Secretary-General was also invited to attend, and published his own industry views - Of the sports capital "link, the host to Roger Secretary-General, how to look at the current development of China's sports industry trends and future development prospects.

In the face of this problem, Roger said that since the promulgation of "No. 46", the sports industry is in a period of rapid growth, but the country still did not form a real consumer market - the sports industry is currently able to cover the field of b2b , But has not yet reached the level of real leveraging b2c.

This is mainly because the current sports market, the people's fitness awareness is still urgent need to develop. At the same time, the current Chinese sports consumer market structure to the majority of physical sales, service sales less, "This is also explained from the other hand, the domestic sports consumer market is not really formed.How to let consumers develop sustainable consumption habits, Will be the primary problem facing the sports industry, "Roger said.

On the one hand, the current sports industry as one of the means to promote social domestic demand, will continue to affect the construction of social public system, but sports as a way of life, a short time it is difficult to quickly enter the people's lives. Therefore, Roger believes that the domestic need for in-depth and systematic education to promote physical education, thus affecting a generation or generations of living habits.

On the other hand, China's sports industry is still short. Roger to the current marathon boom, for example, the number of domestic marathon movement is continuing to increase, but the use of marathon supplies did not increase.

Although the sports industry how to land, there is still a long way to go, but for the future development, Roger said that as the world's second largest economy, the future development of China's sports industry is still good prospects. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the spiritual needs of the people are also increasing, while the government's confidence, will also help the development of sports industry, the main driving force.

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