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Big data age sports industry

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"Big data" concept since its inception, quickly become an important reference for the development of traditional industries innovation. A new era of sports products led by SportsDT, together with a number of enterprises together to show the era of large-scale news exchange event held in Beijing on March 22.

From the Netease, Microsoft, Haitong Kaiyuan, Champions League China, SportsDT and other enterprises more than 20 people in the industry, with their own sports industry in the era of the development of large data professional understanding, as well as their enterprises in the new environment, innovative layout, come Attend the summit.

At present, the sports industry is in a chance, the user base is huge, good products can quickly come to the forefront of the lucky times, therefore, product innovation is one of the most important factors of enterprise competitiveness. SportsDT CEO Lin Qi said that the hope that through the analysis of sports user data, read the user needs, as the driving force for the content of the lead.

Zhang Zizhu, vice president of the European Basketball Championships, introduced the impact of big data on sporting events and league operations. With strong data to support the sporting events and sports organizations, compared to other competitors is difficult to replace the advantages. Advanced system of large data analysis of the single game score, the number of seats on the venue, the players scoring these scattered points in line with the line. Whether it is player competition data or television media broadcast, these data support for the league pointed out a clearer development direction.

Netease Media Mobile Product Deputy General Manager Jiang Jinghua said that in order to better attract users attention, sports news products should be driven by large data, the user more accurate push.
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